Lou Holtz says, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are not selling life insurance. All you're trying to do is help people solve problems before they arise."


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Shopping For Insurance Just Got Easier

With the invention of the Internet, shopping for insurance got a lot easier, but shoppers need to beware of where they shop. Some Internet sites are nothing more than marketing companies that sell your information to insurance agencies and agents. Unfortunately, not all people read the fine print. They request a quote and then are bombarded with e-mails and phone calls from a number of different agents looking to make a fast sale.

We are NOT in the business of selling your contact information to anyone. We are in the business of helping clients find the products that best fit their NEEDS and BUDGET. The difference between us and the competition is that we are an insurance agency, NOT a lead generation company. We are able to help you through the entire process. With over 2,500 clients, we have the experience to make sure you have the right information to make a SMART buyer’s decision.

 We know that when an illness or death happens in your family, the most important thing is to have the protection you need to make sure you don't lose your hard earned assets and suffer a financial loss along with the emotional loss.


 As you consider your options, keep in mind that it isn't about how much you have, but how much you can afford. We have never had a client call after a financial loss and say that they had too much insurance, but everyday we hear stories of people not having enough. We recommend making sure that you consider your BUDGET first, and then getting the best coverage you can afford. Remember the old saying, “SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!”