The Importance of Preplanning your Cremation & Burial Plans

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Preplanning and funding your funeral can help alleviate an emotional and financial burden on your family during a time of grief. View this educational video to learn more about the preplanning process, including personalizing the service, music, readings and other details to create a meaningful memorial. 

 What is preplanning, and why is it important?

It is quite a misnomer to think that making the determination between burial and cremation is all it takes to figure out how your family will best be able to memorialize you. And if they’re tasked with trying to figure it out during a time of grief, it can get even more complicated.

In truth, your family will have a number of big decisions to make on your behalf if you don’t plan the memorial ahead of time—even if they know your burial or cremation preference already:

 • Where will your family choose for your remains be located?

 • What type of casket, urn and outer burial container will best reflect your family’s          wishes?

 • Which flowers, music, readings and other additional personal preferences will help your loved ones feel good about the memorial they gave you?

  Is there a person that your family would want to officiate the service?

 • Do you have a location picked for funeral services?

These are just a few of the big decisions that your family will have to make at your memorial should you put off the preplanning process. Failing to discuss these important decisions ahead of time could result make it hard for your family to give you the memorial they had hoped to provide.


And if you haven’t given clear instructions, what happens when your loved ones have a disagreement while trying to make their own assessment? The last thing your loved ones need during their time of loss is to quarrel about the details of the service. Regrettably, though, it happens all too often.