Lou Holtz says, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are not selling life insurance. All you're trying to do is help people solve problems before they arise."


Accidental Life Coverage

Every HOUR, accidents kill 13 People!!!!!

Accidental Death is the 3rd leading cause of death today and especially afflicts the young. Accident Life Insurance is currently one of the cheapest forms of life insurance and can be purchased in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. The face amount will be paid to the beneficiary if the insured dies as the result of accidental bodily injury.

It is important in choosing Life insurance that you understand exactly what your buying. Unfortunately Seniors today fall for the Life Insurance they receive free for being a member of an organization, bank, credit union, or credit card company. These plans usually are for $1,000 to $2,000 free and then they will have you buy additional for a very low price. The problem is that Seniors dying by accident is very low compared to people much younger.

One of the problems with Accidental Life Coverage is that you have to die from causes of bodily injury where often the client dies from complications from something other than the bodily injury making it difficult to collect on the accident policy.

But, with that being said I own a policy for $250,000. For the cost of the insurance to me it makes since having the additional coverage for my family in the event that I parish in an accident. But, I would always recommend using the Accidental as a supplement to your Term or Permanent Life coverage.